Marina Market Offers Unique Gluten-Free Food

Come close if you want to know the best kept secret in Washington.  If you love licorice, lingonberries and lutefisk I have the place for you!  Marina Market offers a truly unique selection of Gluten-Free food.  Yes, I said licorice and yes they have a selection of Gluten-Free licorice too! Remember my post on Gluten-Free Gimbals All Natural Licorice, they sell at least a dozen or so of different types of GF licorice and anise flavored candies from around the world.

marina market poulsbo wa norwegian gluten-free food

Yes, you lingonberry lovers there is quite the selection for you too! Everything from jams, syrups, to sparklers and a tub-o-lingonberry jam! Never had a lingonberry, they taste similar to cranberries only a tad sweeter and they make everything prettier with a vibrant red color.  I hear that lingonberry jam goes with everything from biscuits, Swedish meatballs to pudding!      I am quickly becoming a lingonberry lover too! 

tub of lingonberry jam

And now for the drumroll please …..

Marina Market’s Gluten-Free food!

I have so much fun every time I go into Marina Market to see what Andrea and Jonathan Rowe, the owners, have added! Andrea and I share a love for Frontera Foods and Rick Bayless’s new sauces and marinades that are Gluten-Free.  Rick’s daughter, Lanie began eating a Gluten-Free diet at a young age.  Luckily for Gluten-Free Foodies, Rick realizes the need for delicious Gluten-Free foods. Andrea gave me some samples (thanks) of the new Frontera sauces and marinades and I absolutely love them!  It makes any meal fast, easy, Gluten-Free and flavorful! 


In addition the Market offers – Gluten-Free snacks, chips, crackers, baking products, candies and breads.  They have grouped most of the selection together and have marked the products with Gluten-Free tags. There is a wonderful selection of Asian and Indian sauces as well, that are naturally GF too!

marina market gluten-free products

So the next time you travel to Bainbridge Island or are in Kitsap County, make sure you stop by historic downtown Poulsbo and visit Marina Market.  This Norwegian market offers the best variety of Gluten-Free foods from around the world.  Most customers will say that they haven’t found these products since childhood.  My mom is one of them and she just loves it when I bring her some marzipan candies, Swedish meatballs and a lutefisk TV dinner.  (Ok ,the lutefisk TV dinner is a story for another time, please don’t get me started!)

Go shop and have fun! Please tell Andrea and Jonathan hello for me and that you saw this post. (I don’t get paid for it but it is fun to know that we are spreading the GF food love!)