Top 2013 Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

I thought I would make it easier on everyone this year and do a post of the
Top 2013 Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes!
So why not start with dessert first … right?!
gluten free pumpkin rum pie
Can I just tell you I started thinking about this pie a few weeks ago?!
Oh my goodness … I can’t wait!
Homemade flaky Gluten-Free pie crust and creamy,
spiced Organic Pumpkin spiked with Dark Rum!
Make sure you save some for the midnight munchies!
I think one of the most important things that you can do for yourself
or for your guests is to ask them if they have food allergies or intolerances.
I am a big believer of everyone coming to the table
and enjoying a delicious and safe meal.
Great tips on how to celebrate a safe Gluten-Free event at home!
Share this with your friends and family
so they understand how easy it is for everyone to enjoy
the holiday and avoid cross-contamination of gluten or other food allergies.
note cards for safe meals
This is a must in my house and when I go to a potluck!
Write out a sign that says …
The name of the dish including ingredients and spices!
It is always nice to include information such as – Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan and Sugar-Free as well. Likewise, also add – this dish contains – nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs
Use cut card stock and a felt tip pen if you want to hand write it.
Printing from your computer is nice too if you forgot how to handwrite!
Click on the link below for more tips …
Now on to the food!
Gluten-Free Fried Green Onions
Do you miss the real Green Bean Casserole with the fried onions?
No worries my Gluten-Free Foodies friend!
Just add green beans, Pacific Foods cream of mushroom soup –
mix together and top with
Gluten-Free Fried Green Onions –
heat in the oven for 10-15 minutes.
Gluten-Free Rustic Dinner Rolls 
I love these for dinner but I love love love them to make
The Ultimate Gluten-Free Turkey Sandwich UGFTS
They are the perfect soft flavorful texture.
I like to make them small
to serve “Mini-Slider-UGFTS”.
Mini Gluten-Free Pies
This is the easiest way to make Pumpkin Pie!
Using a Gluten-Free Graham Cracker Crust and baked in individual ramekins
guarantees that everyone gets an even slice of Pumpkin Pie heaven!
Hey you uneven slicers … I’ve got my eyes on YOU!
You know who you are!
Herbed Kañiwa Dressing – Gluten-Free and Vegan
Great way to make a lighter Dressing for Thanksgiving.
I actually make a variation of this side dish all year.
It stores well and is even better when you make it a day ahead because it has time to meld!
This can also be made with Quinoa in place of the cousin – Kañiwa!
Kañiwa, from Peru, is smaller and even easier to digest.

Ok, I know if you are a traditionalist then check out my recipe –
Gluten-Free Dressing with Fennel and Rosemary Sausage
Everyone begs for this one every year! It really is a meal all by itself!

Add natural decorations around the house.
Pumpkins are always great because it is an incentive to make more Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie!
Well hopefully this post has inspired you,
made the holiday a little easier
made you very hungry for your
Thanksgiving meal!
I want to take this time to say 
for reading, cooking and baking along with me over the years.
It is my ultimate joy that I pour into my blog. You keep me happily motivated and distracted.
I love every email that I get from you and ask you to please keep them coming. 
Happy Thanksgiving! May your bellies be full of all your holiday favorites – Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan and filled with love! Safe travels everyone.