Gluten-Free Food Fest at New Seasons Market – May 17, 2014

Mark you calendar and make plans now to attend the Gluten-Free Food Fest at New Seasons Market – May 17, 2014 at two locations – Fishers Landing in Vancouver, WA and Progressive Ridge in Beaverton, OR.  This is a must attend FREE event this month to celebrate Celiac Awareness.

gf food fest flyer at new seasons

Try some new Gluten-Free foods from a variety of vendors, learn about some Gluten-Free options to add to your shopping list and attend a “Beyond Gluten” class taught by a New Seasons Market Nutritionist. In the class you will learn about avoiding gluten and a variety of dietary approaches that are designed to maximize digestive healing.  We will compare the guidelines for anti-inflammatory, Paleo, FODMAPs and GAPS diets and evaluate the advantages of adhering to one of these alternative food plans.

I absolutely love shopping at all 13+ New Seasons Market in the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA area.  They offer the biggest selection of Gluten-Free products from the local area that are fresh and packaged.  They keep up to date with the newest products and if you do not find what you are looking for just ask!  The staff is always so friendly and love it when you add requests to their suggestion box. They will even respond to your request via email or phone call which ever is most convenient for you,  I requested some special culinary coconut milk from So Delicious, a local company and they were able to order it and get it on the shelf within a week!  Now they don’t make any promises but they will do their best to find what you are looking for to make sure you have a happy and fun shopping experience.

New Seasons Market, opened in 2000, is a locally owned, sustainable company. They are committed to their communities and give 10% after tax profits to various organizations. NSM -philosophy is to keep their customers happy by offering local products.  They also do their best to keep the earth happy by managing a small footprint that includes – company wide recycling program, printing on recycled paper and using plant based ink, facilities that are located within 1/2 mile along public transportation, low flow toilets and faucets,  grey water usage for irrigation, rain water harvesting, and more. New Seasons Market is the first B Corporation grocery store that was certified March 2013.  To learn more about New Seasons Market’s certification as a B Corp please go to the web site.

new seasons market sign

New Seasons Market really is the friendliest store in town!

It is always fun to shop at New Seasons Market so be sure to sign up for their weekly specials email newsletter and look at the calendar for special events all month, every month!  All of their locations have events and classes.  Make sure you check each store for specific location events.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Gluten-Free Food Fest at New Seasons Market this Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 12- 3 PM! It’s FREE so bring your friends, family and anyone you think would enjoy learning more about living Gluten-Free and celebrating Celiac Awareness month!



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