Get Passionate With New Pür Mints

The summer season is in full swing with a busy delicious social calendar of smoky BBQs, garlicky dips and hotdogs overflowing with onions and relish at the ballpark.  What is a Gluten-Free Foodie to do in hot and sticky social situations to freshen things up?  No worries my friend, Pür Mints has the answer, NEW Pür Mints in pouches with five new flavors – Polar Mint, Spearmint, Peppermint,  Tangerine Tango and Mojito Lime Mint – all are Gluten-Free.

five new pur mints pouches

Pür Mints are sugar free, naturally sweetened with Xylitol – which helps to keep your insulin level stabilized, vegan, nut and soy free, Non-GMO, Swiss made and NO ASPARTAME.  Do you know how hard it is to find this incredible combination?  Most sugar free gums and mints are made with the icky man made synthetic sweetener – Aspartame.  Did you know that there are at least 92 symptoms from the use of Aspartame reported by the FDA? Let’s KICK ASPARTAME together! kick aspartame pur mints

Believe it or not there is a flavor for every passionate Pür Mint purist.  I am more of a traditional – Polar Mint, Peppermint or Spearmint gal. But, I must say that the Tangerine Tango was surprisingly refreshing and the ideal way to compliment a glass of iced tea while kicking back at the beach or alone to give you some zip while on a walk.  Each mint gives you just enough flavor by itself or as a little something extra to help beat a dry mouth.

The real surprise is the Mojito Lime Mint, not too much lime or mint.  After further research of  consuming certain foods and pairing them with the Pür Mints, the Mojito Lime Mint was the unforeseen, yet obvious winner to compliment a Mexican food meal.  It also won high marks when it was enjoyed after consuming Mojitos – the namesake.  I don’t know about you but sometimes after a meal I don’t want to add another flavor to my palate to compete.  I like to peacefully end my meal.  Sometimes I like to subtley enhance the end of the meal by savoring the flavors just a little bit longer.

Pür Mints out of the pouch
Pür Mints are purely sweet and the perfect size to savor any passionate moment.


Ok, I’ll admit it, I am passionate about Pür Mints, they are the perfect size mint to savor.  The mint may be big but the pouches are small, resealable and easily slip in a pocket or the tiniest of purses.  Oh, Oh and the flavors, I’m just going to make sure they are with me wherever I go! 


Well my friend are you just as passionate about the Summer social season as I am?!?

Want to join in on the celebration of all things Summer?

Well this is your lucky day – Pür Mints is extending a super special offer just to you.PD-MKT-PM-ShopReferralCouponBloggers-04

You don’t have to say no to mints anymore.  Get your Pür Mint on – it’s Gluten-Free!



Thank you to Pür Mints for sending me five complimentary sample pouches of their new product.  I was not influenced by this and the thoughts expressed are mine.  I was not paid nor will be paid if you place an order with Pür Mints.