Straight Optical Axis

The linear optical axis is a product that has the guiding function of the sliding bearing and can realize linear motion. Simple design, best performance. Use strictly selected sturdy and durable materials, high-frequency heat treatment, accurate outer diameter, roundness, straightness and surface treatment.

Product Features:

Common shafts are crankshaft, straight shaft and flexible shaft.
1. The rotating shaft, which bears both bending moment and torque during work, is the most common shaft in machinery, such as the shaft in various reducers.
2. Mandrels are used to support rotating parts that only bear bending moments without transmitting torque. Some mandrels rotate, such as the axles of railway vehicles, and some mandrels do not rotate, such as those supporting pulleys.
3. The drive shaft is mainly used to transmit torque without bearing the bending moment, such as the long optical shaft in the moving mechanism of the crane, the drive shaft of the automobile, etc. The material of the shaft is mainly carbon steel or alloy steel, but also nodular cast iron or alloy cast iron. The working capacity of the shaft generally depends on the strength and rigidity, and also depends on the vibration stability when the speed is high.

Product Parameters:

1. Ordinary linear optical axis (sf): Since the ordinary linear optical axis is in point-to-face contact with the linear bearing, the surface hardness of the ordinary linear optical axis is very high, so the material and heat treatment method are very important.
2. Chrome-plated linear optical axis (sfc): The chrome-plated linear optical axis is plated with a layer of hard chromium on the basis of the ordinary linear optical axis, also known as the bearing rod, which can be used in the environment prone to rust or bad environment. It is widely used in industrial robots and the moving parts of automatic sliding system devices.
3. Chrome-plated linear flexible shaft (rsfc): The chrome-plated linear flexible shaft can be directly used for precision piston rods and some self-lubricating bearings due to its thick chrome layer. Because of its moderate hardness, it has applications in many fields.
4. Stainless steel linear shaft: The stainless steel linear shaft has high corrosion resistance, high strength and wear resistance to maintain its efficient running performance. Therefore, it can be used in occasions that are prone to oxidation, such as water, chemicals, steam, sea water, etc.
5. Chrome-plated hollow shaft: Due to the characteristics of its hollow structure, the chrome-plated hollow shaft greatly reduces the weight and simplifies the structure. Its interior is suitable for penetrating measurement wires, compressed air, adding lubricating oil, or Used for robotic arms.

Application and After-Sales Service:

The linear optical axis is widely used in many linear motion systems such as cylinder rods, automatic precision printers, automatic cutting machines and industrial robots.